The future Antique

The design label Christoph Steiger focuses on utilizing natural products in modern and classical designs. The furniture and products stand out with their practical and innovative designs, bringing joy to every space.


In our design process, we consider aesthetics, functionality, and ecological aspects equally. When selecting materials, we prioritize minimizing our resource consumption and often utilize recycled materials. Our designs aim to be aesthetically appealing and functional, while promoting environmentally friendly practices.


Our products are exclusively manufactured in Europe, with a particular focus on Spain. We closely collaborate with traditional family businesses that bring their knowledge passed down through generations. This collaboration results in unique designs that combine traditional craftsmanship with modern elements.

Hi, I’m Christoph


Christoph Steiger considers himself to be neither an artist nor a craftsman, but rather somewhere in between, working with both aesthetics and the mechanics of creating the best possible constructions. His designs, ideas, and inspirations stem from his training as a cabinetmaker and wood sculptor, as well as his furniture design studies in Scandinavia at the University of Bergen.

Christoph Steiger

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